Vision & Mission
Founded by a group of health enthusiasts and environment lovers, Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd was born out of a dream of merging health, environment and taste in a bottle!

Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd hopes to create more varieties of delicious healthy fermented beverages which incorporate organic tropical superfruits from Malaysia for the entire globe to explore.

With their keen stand on keeping the planet green, Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd is the pioneer in ensuring that their products only come from sustainable sources and even ensuring that their packaging bottles are recyclable and reusable!

Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd is here to promote a healthier and greener life by inculcating such practices in their creation.

Craft and Fuse believe that to see a change, one must be the change first!


Merging health, environment and taste, introducing and advocating a consumption that is a symbiosis between human and the planet.


  • Producing the trendiest Asian tropical beverage that is the top of its kind.
  • Providing products of excellent quality.
  • Ensuring that services are of the highest standard.
  • Strive and grow as a team to fulfil customer needs and priorities.
  • Be the pioneer in a profitable business that advocates sustainability and health.
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